Often asked: What Dress Did Jessica Wear At Alison’s Funeral Pll?

Who is the girl in Alison’s grave?

DiLaurentis witnessed the entire thing and then proceeded to bury her daughter in the backyard—she just didn’t know that Alison was still alive! It appears that Melissa Hastings (Torey DeVitto) was actually the one who killed that poor girl that is now buried in Ali’s grave.

Why did Mrs DiLaurentis bury Alison?

Jessica buried Alison alive, whom she thought was dead at the time after Alison was hit on the head with a rock by Charlotte. She buried Alison to protect Charlotte, as she didn’t want to lose two daughters in one night.

Who wore the veil at Wilden’s funeral?

‘A’ is for A-l-i-v-e The Black Widow attends Wilden’s funeral wearing a black dress, black shoes, black gloves, and a black veil that covers her face entirely. She is later seen in the “A” lair, removing the veil, exposing a burned “Alison” Mask, revealing this as another one of Red Coat’s disguises.

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Who was Mrs DiLaurentis giving clothes to?

Where is the shopping bag that Ashley had seen in Jessica DiLaurentis’ house? It is gone. She gave the clothes to Cece Drake in the suitcase in the woods.

Why did Mona fake her death?

In the second half of the season, it is revealed that Mona never believed Alison was “A” and that she faked her death as part of “A’s” plan to get Alison into jail, so that she could find out their true identity. She now has blonde hair and is locked inside “A’s” dollhouse, being forced to pretend to be Alison.

Why did Melissa kill Bethany?

Melissa Hastings killed Bethany Young — well, in a sense. According to a recorded confession Melissa left for Spencer before she jetted off to London again, she buried Bethany Young alive because she thought Spencer had hit her in the head with a shovel.

Are CeCe and Spencer sisters?

Mary then cradles Spencer’s body and reveals that she is indeed Spencer’s mother, making Spencer the biological sister of Cece Drake. While the ” Spencer “, who we saw kissing Toby and then having sex with, was actually Alex Drake, her twin sister, also known as A.D..

Why did Mona kill CeCe?

There was a stray piece of metal sticking out of the wall and it stabbed CeCe directly in the neck, killing her by way of a freak accident. In present day, a regressed Mona explains, “The reason the police never found a murder weapon is because they were looking for something hidden. It wasn’t hidden.

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Why did Mary Drake kill Jessica?

According to Peter, Drake asked him to help her get revenge on Jessica for lying about Charles having committed suicide in order to seclude his sex change. When he refused to assist her vendetta, she poisoned Jessica with Peter’s medication.

Who killed Toby’s mom?

As we learned in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale, “Game Over, Charles,” Bethany Young killed Toby’s mom, Marion and then blamed the whole thing on CeCe, who at that time was known as Charles. Whoa. We’ve known for a few seasons that Radley was covering up Marion’s death.

Who is the person with the black gloves in pretty little liars?

The Black Widow

The Black Widow Real Identity: Sara Harvey
Employer: Charlotte DiLaurentis
Enemies: Alison DiLaurentis Aria Montgomery Spencer Hastings Hanna Marin Emily Fields Mona Vanderwaal Toby Cavanaugh Caleb Rivers Ashley Marin Ella Rose Darren Wilden
Secret(s): – Identity (Exposed) – Motive(s)
Series Information


Who killed Wilden PLL?

Wilden was killed by two gunshot wounds soon after the lodge fire by Charlotte DiLaurentis. He was portrayed by Bryce Johnson.

Is Jessica DiLaurentis A?

Jessica DiLaurentis is one of the main antagonists from “Pretty Little Liars”. She is at first presented as the sweet, damaged mother of Alison; however, it is soon revealed that she has dark secrets of her own and is somehow involved with “A”.

Does Ezra die in PLL?

In “A is for Answers”, Ezra gets non-fatally shot in New York by someone dressed as ‘A’, who is later revealed to be Shana. After Ezra recovers, Aria finally realizes from Ezra’s heroism that he does love her and they make up.

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Did Emily’s dad die in PLL?

After Emily came out of the closet he was very understanding compared to his wife. After a while, Wayne returned to Rosewood worried about Emily’s mental health being affected by having slept at the home of her “dead” friend Alison. In the time jump, Emily reveals to Toby that her father had died in the army.

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