Quick Answer: New Orleand Style Funeral, What To Wear?

What do you wear to a funeral in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, Louisiana, the funeral procession to the cemetery is led by a brass band playing dirges in the jazz genre. And while mourners typically dress in somber colors, many carry umbrellas and parasols—some elaborately adorned—in festive colors.

Would a brass band play this song before or after a funeral?

Typically, before the funeral service there is a wake, of which the family and friends congregate before the service. After the wake the brass band accompanies the body on its way to the church for the funeral service followed by the second-line.

How much is a New Orleans funeral?

It is fair to say that a burial funeral service is likely to cost in the region of $10,000. Affordable funeral options are available in New Orleans starting from $3,495.

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Why do they play jazz at funerals in New Orleans?

They celebrated with their black brass bands after a loved one’s death to please the spirits who protect the dead. From all of this, a new style of music emerged – jazz. The funeral bands quickly adopted jazz, and New Orleans jazz funerals were born.

Why after a funeral is it called a wake?

Why is it called a wake? The word wake in relation to death originally meant a ‘watch’, ‘vigil’ or ‘guard’. It was used to refer to a prayer vigil, usually held late at night or overnight, where mourners would keep watch over their dead until they were buried.

What is New Orleans funeral music called?

The Jazz Funeral will always be synonymous with the great city in Louisiana, USA. It is now exported (or at least elements of it are) around the world. Many see the New Orleans Jazz Funeral as the ultimate commemoration of a person’s death and celebration of their life.

Why do New Orleans celebrate death?

When people die in New Orleans, we like to fill the streets with music – a celebration of the person’s life as much as a mourning of his or her death. ”When the deceased is laid to rest – or they “cut the body loose”– the mourners “cut loose” as well.

What is 2nd line New Orleans?

The “ second line ” refers to the spectators who join or follow the main line and contribute to the walking parade. This is what separates a second line from any other New Orleans parade: groups are not only welcome but encouraged to follow along, allowing the second line to grow as it marches.

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What are the parades in New Orleans called?

The Second Line is a tradition in parades organized by Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs (SAPCs) with brass band parades in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Can you be buried in New Orleans?

New Orleans has always respected its dead, but this isn’t the reason that our departed loved ones are interred above ground. Burial plots are shallow in New Orleans because the water table is very high. Dig a few feet down, and the grave becomes soggy, filling with water. The casket will literally float.

What is the second line to heaven?

People on the streets where the march passed were welcome to join in and go along with the mourners to the cemetery. This group was referred to as the “ second line.

What do you wear to a jazz funeral?

Unlike traditional funeral attire, you might be surprised to learn that most people are encouraged to wear casual clothes for a jazz funeral. While the first line is more likely to dress up to pay respect to their loved ones, everyone else can wear street clothes.

How much does a second line cost in New Orleans?

Many second lines are lead by a 3-6 piece walking brass band. Prices vary based on how many musicians you have but range between $500 – $1,500 on average.

What is a traditional New Orleans dirge?

New Orleans Jazz Funerals are public burial services for prominent community members; traditionally African American males. After the funeral service, a procession of musicians, funeral directors, family, and friends moves from the site of the funeral to the cemetery while marching to the beat of a brass band.

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What does the Social Aid and Pleasure Club do?

Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs (SAPCs) in New Orleans are a distinctive culture that reaches back to the earliest days of Africans in America. The clubs were created for fellowship and as a financial support system to properly bury deceased African slaves and free people of color.

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