Quick Answer: Reddit What To Wear To Laotian Funeral?

What do you wear to a funeral Reddit?

Dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and black shoes is what you should be wearing for a funeral. Feels like dark clothes are the way to go. It’s not an occasion where you should look at fashion too much, sadly. Even a black pair of denim would be good enough if you ‘re in a hurry.

What do you wear to a summer funeral Reddit?

Hot or not, proper attire would be either charcoal or black suit with black tie. You can always take off your jacket and even if you don’t go with a suit, I think a shirt(preferably with black tie)would be more appropriate than polo.

What do you wear to a wake Reddit?

wakes are less formal than funerals. wakes should be business casual, but darker colours, but need not be only black. oxblood, dark green, navy, dark grey are all appropriate. depending on the family, dark jeans with a business casual dark coloured conservative top may be appropriate, but that’s risky.

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What do you wear to a no suit funeral Reddit?

Neither suit is ideal, but wearing tan and brown to a funeral is a no -go. Like others have said, pair the blue suit with black shoes/tie and a white shirt. If you have some dark slacks, I’d dig them out and wear that instead with a plain white dress shirt and black tie/belt/shoes. Somber.

Can I wear jeans to a funeral Reddit?

Don’t wear jeans to a funeral, no matter what your age. If you have a suit, I’d go with a suit. My condolences, btw. If you have the suit and tie, go with that.

Can I wear white to a funeral Reddit?

The main theme of funeral is “Somber.” I feel a white dress with a black cardigan will be just fine. Especially for a granddaughter. If you can pair it with black sheer or matte tights that would be good but if not you’ll be fine. If it’s your family, and your intention is to be respectful, it’s almost certainly fine.

Can you wear blue to a Chinese funeral?

After the funeral ceremony, a funeral procession to the cemetery or crematorium is held. The sons and daughters wear black and white mourning clothes and walk in the front row of the procession. Daughters-in-law come next and also wear black and white clothes. Grandsons and granddaughters wear blue mourning clothes.

What Colour do I wear to a funeral?

Color: What color to wear to a funeral? Black is the traditional color for funeral services. It’s generally acceptable to wear non-black clothing, such as dark blue or gray. Stick with subdued colors and fabric textures so that you don’t pull attention away from the person who is being honored.

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Can you wear a vest to a funeral?

Those in attendance as a friend or acquaintance during visitation may wear a nice pair of pants or dress jeans with a jacket, button shirt or collar shirt, sweater, and/or vest. For Women. For the day of the funeral, you may wear a dress, skirt and blouse, pant suit or suit.

Can u wear jeans to a wake?

Is it okay to wear jeans to a wake? You should not wear jeans to a wake or visitation if at all possible. paying your respects to the family and the deceased comes before inappropriate clothing. Otherwise, make every effort to be dressed appropriately in somber colors and more formal attire.

What do you wear to a wake in 2020?

What should I wear?

  • Wear low-key colors. You don’t have to wear black but a wake isn’t the place to wear your leopard print blouse or salmon colored khakis.
  • Keep your accessories simple. Your accessories should be simple and neutral.
  • Keep patterns simple.
  • Don’t go too casual.
  • Stay away from festive or fun attire.

Are khakis appropriate for a funeral?

Chinos and khaki pants are sometimes considered even business casual, so wearing them for a funeral is appropriate. Pair them with either a buttoned shirt or a polo t-shirt. Shirts are a must-have for the majority of the occasions in a man’s life, and attending a funeral is one of them.

What to wear to a funeral if you don’t have a suit?

So let’s take a look at appropriate funeral attire when you don’t have a suit.

  • Sport Coat, Dress Shirt, Necktie And Dress Pants. Perhaps you don’t have a suit, but you do have a sport coat or blazer.
  • Button-Down Shirt, Necktie And Dress Pants.
  • Sweater And Dress Pants.
  • Polo And Khakis.
  • Can You Wear Jeans To A Funeral?
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Can I wear a turtleneck to a funeral?

You may want to wear a black turtleneck and blazer with a matching pair of black slacks. Most gentlemen shy away from pastels or bright colors when selecting appropriate funeral wear. A white shirt is going to be an ideal choice, but dark colored shirts can be paired with a dark suit and worn to most funerals.

Can you wear dark navy to a funeral?

Generally speaking, black is still the proper attire for funeral clothing. However, if you are not related to the deceased, you can wear navy blue or dark grey as well. However, you should still wear something subdued and conservative.

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