Readers ask: What To Wear To A Turkish Funeral?

How long does a Turkish funeral last?

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Islamic Funeral Customs Quick Reference Guide
Length of Service 30 – 60 minutes
Flowers? During the mourning period after services. (See our Sympathy Flowers)
Food? Yes
Dress Code? (Men/Women) Men: No head cover / Women: Cover arms and legs

What do you say when someone dies in Turkish?

First Round of Sayings

Saying Meaning Possible response
Başınız sağ olsun When someone dies you can say this to offer your condolences. It literally means “I hope your head remains healthy” “Amin.” or “Dostlar sağ olsun.”
Allah rahmet eylesin! To offer condolences: “God rest his soul” “Amin.”


How should I dress for a Janazah?

Clothing should not be tight or form-fitting. Wear pants that reach your ankles and shirts that cover your arms. Button your shirt all the way up to your neck. Women: Women can wear a loose-fitting skirt with a long-sleeve shirt to cover their ankles, arms, and neck.

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Why do they put water on graves in Turkey?

The deceased is not left alone. When the deceased is washed, the relatives pour a bowl of water over the body, give their consent and ask the deceased for whatever they have shared in the past. In big cities, the deceased is washed in a room reserved for this purpose in the cemetery.

How do you say my condolences in Turkish?

Most used one is “başın sağolsun” or “başınız sağolsun” (plural, that’s, if you are saying to more than one person.) This is Turkic version of condolence which is widely used everywhere.. More islamic version is “Allah rahmet eylesin.”

How much does a funeral cost in Turkey?

A funeral service for a foreigner (including the services of the funeral company and the provision of the grave) can cost from TRY2,000-10,000 (US$550- US$3,000; €500-€2,500; £400-£2,000). and of course, this is for the special ceremonies because all the services provided by Turkish municipals are for free.

How do you wish someone good health in Turkish?

If someone says something really good or smart you can say ağzına sağlık (which translates to “ health to your mouth”). 5. Sıhhatler olsun – This means “may you be healthy ” and dates back to Ottoman times.

What do you say to Hosgeldiniz?

Hoşgeldiniz is the plural or the formal form of Hoşgeldin. If someone greets you as Hoşgeldin you have many options to respond back one and the oftenly used response is -yes- hoşbulduk. But you may also respond as hoşgördük. Or you may say “Hiç de hoş gelmedik” as a negative response.

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What Muslims say when someone dies?

Muslims oft cite the Arabic phrase ‘inna-lillahi-wa’inna-ilayhi rajiun’ when news of a death reaches them. The phrase is usually imparted as a reference to the departed soul and translates as ‘Indeed to God we belong and indeed to Him is our return’.

Can a woman go to a Janazah?

Islam has forbidden girls to attend namaz-e- janaza or visit graveyards. But if women decide to attend the namaz-e- janaza, it is not against the laws of Islam. If they decide to do so, they have to stand behind the men, never in front of them.

What happens at a Janazah?

This funeral prayer is called the Salat al- Janazah or Janazah prayer. In preparing for the burial of the deceased, the family or other members of the Muslim community will clean and shroud the deceased’s body. In that case, the deceased will be buried in the clothing in which he died.

What are some Turkish traditions?

8 Turkish Traditions You’ll Find Fascinating

  • Nazar (The Evil Eye) One of Turkey’s most popular souvenirs, these blue eyes made of glass are actually meant to ward off the negative energy from someone’s eyes who feels envious of you.
  • Turkish Tea.
  • Oil Wrestling.
  • Sünnet (Circumcision)

Can you be cremated in Turkey?

Cremation is not legal in Turkey and there are no cremation facilities. Bringing ashes of a loved one to Turkey is also restricted. The ashes can be brought to Turkey if the deceased or immediate family member is a Turkish national.

Does the Navy still do burials at sea?

The U.S. Navy provides burial at sea. The National Cemetery Administration can’t perform this type of committal service. For information, call the U.S. Navy Mortuary Affairs office at 866-787-0081.

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