FAQ: What Is The Address And Location Of Service Corporation Internation Funeral Home?

How many funeral homes does Service Corporation International own?

Service Corporation International is an American provider of funeral goods and services as well as cemetery property and services. It is headquartered in Neartown, Houston, Texas. SCI operates more than 1500 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in 43 states, eight Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico.

How do I contact SCI?

By phone, call SCI Customer Support at 1-888-329-0042.

Who is the largest funeral home company?

Washington DC/Burlington VT — Today the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) and Consumer Federation of America (CFA) released a report showing that the nation’s largest funeral home company – Service Corporation International (SCI) whose principal brand is Dignity Memorial – charges high prices on their “death care”

What is the largest funeral home in the United States?

SCI, also known by its consumer-facing brand name Dignity Memorial, is the funeral industry’s behemoth with more than 1,800 funeral homes and 380 cemeteries.

Is dignity part of SCI?

Service Corporation International ( SCI ), whose principle brand is Dignity Memorial, is the nation’s largest and fastest growing provider of funerals and other “death-care” products.

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What is a sci company?

An SCI is a rather specialist type of French company (société) that is constituted for the ownership and management of real estate (immobilière). The fact that it is also civile means that it is a non-trading company, thereby distinguishing it from a company set up to pursue commercial activities.

What is SCI direct?

SCI Direct is the management company for eight funeral and cremation providers throughout the United States and has served more than a million families since 1973.

Who owns the most funeral homes in the United States?

Service Corp. International owns more funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories than any other company in North America. At last count, the company operates 1,254 funeral service locations and 372 cemeteries in 43 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Germany.

Are funeral homes a good investment?

Your interest in investing in a funeral home makes good financial sense — the industry is virtually recession-proof — but competition is keen, so check both the financials and the reputation of the company before you write a check.

Is it profitable to own a funeral home?

The average profit for a funeral home in the United States is between six and seven percent. Making your profit from funeral services, rather than from the sale of products, makes sense because consumers are not purchasing funeral products from funeral homes as in the past.

Is Sci a good company?

Not a good company to work for at all. Low pay,bad benefits and slow advancement opportunities. Its a contract, they tell you what and you do it, Very simple and they pay you. I never has a problem with SCI and my money was in the bank every week.

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Who owns SCI Canada?

SCI is a part of the Canada Post Group of Companies that also includes Purolator and Innovapost. Chris Galindo, who has been a valuable executive at SCI for nine years, is taking over John Ferguson’s role, as Mr. Ferguson has been appointed to lead Purolator as their new President and CEO.

Does Sci own Neptune Society?

The Neptune Society and Trident Society are owned by Houston-based behemoth Service Corporation International ( SCI ).

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